What are Client Galleries?

Pixpa’s Client Galleries platform enables you to share your work easily with clients and let them view, favorite and download images on any device. You can also enable e-commerce to sell your images.

Here are all the things that you can do with the Client Galleries feature.


Click here to see Client Galleries in action. You can use your any email id to login.

Get your clients to review your work the fast and simple way.

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Here are a few ways you can use client galleries:

  1. You have done an assignment for a client and wanted to share the work with them and take feedback.
  2. You want your clients to be able to select images as their favorites and communicate their feedback to you.
  3. You want to deliver files to your clients. Your clients can select the images that they want and download them digitally and securely.
  4. You want your clients to be able to share the work that you have done for them with their family and friends in a private, secure way.
  5. You want to showcase a selection of your work to any potential client without including it in your public portfolio website.
  6. You want a publicly accessible album of your work that is independent of your website – may be for an event, a campaign or a specific project.
  7. You want to distribute your work publicly by enabling digital downloads of your work.

There are plenty more ways in which you can use Pixpa’s Client Galleries tool. Its a robust, secure and interactive way of showcasing, sharing, delivering and selling your work to specific audiences – privately or publicly.

Have any questions, just email us at support@pixpa.com