Connect Paypal – Take payments on store

Start taking payments online by connecting your Pixpa Store to your Paypal Business account and enable your site visitors to check out using Paypal.

 You need a Paypal Business Account to start taking payments using Paypal. If you do not have one, create your Paypal Business account.

To connect Paypal in Store, follow these steps:

  • Go to Store section in eCommerce
  • Click on Payment methods tab on left hand side
  • You would see all the payment option that you can connect with your Pixpa store.
  • Click on Enable button next to PayPal. You would be redirected to page where you need to Login in your PayPal account.

As you logged in, Your PayPal account will be connected with Pixpa automatically. In the last step you would see the screen below. Click on Return to Thundersome Inc link.

As you return to Pixpa studio. You would see the Active link on your PayPal option as shown below.

Remove Paypal Connection

You can disconnect the Paypal connection you have just created by clicking on disable button. Please note that if you remove the Paypal connection, you will not be able to take payments using Paypal on your website.