Apply a pricing sheet to eCommerce gallery

Once you are done with the pricing sheet, you need to apply the same to your eCommerce enabled galleries. You can apply a pricing sheet to multiple eCommerce galleries.

To apply a pricing sheet

  • Go to the eCommerce Galleries menu in the Ecommerce section
  • You would see all the galleries that already exist. To create a new eCommerce gallery, click here.
  • Now click on the three-dot icon (1) next to the name of the particular gallery and then go to Gallery settings (2). 

As you enter in Gallery’s Settings tab, you would see the Pricing sheet dropdown. Select the pricing sheet that you want to apply to this particular gallery as shown in the image below.

Pricing sheet on live site

Once you apply the pricing sheet on the eCommerce gallery, you would see the pricing sheet products on clicking on the cart icon.

You may also review one of our demo eCommerce gallery in action.