Supported browsers

All Pixpa websites are responsive and work well on desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices and are supported on all popular web browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera.

However, like almost all other modern, visually expressive websites, Pixpa websites also are not fully supported by IE and Edge browsers.

This is because Pixpa websites like all other modern, media-based websites are designed and developed on latest web frameworks and programming languages . Unfortunately, Internet Explorer and Edge browsers haven’t kept pace with the changing trends of web application development and do not support many of the newer tools and languages that all other browsers do support.

For example, Internet Explorer and Edge browsers sometimes do not support Javascript libraries and functions required to serve media and offer a modern user experience.

Consequently, the usage of Internet Explorer and Edge browsers has been declining rapidly with less than 10% users now using them. This figure is even lower amongst Pixpa’s user base of web-savvy internet users that consume rich-media websites.

Also, Pixpa Studio – the control panel you use to build your website is currently designed for optimism use on desktops only. We are working on introducing a light, mobile-friendly version of the Pixpa Studio which would enable users to accomplish some of the important tasks on the go. For example, creating a gallery, uploading images to galleries, publishing a blog post or changing website settings.