Understand mobile gallery app settings

Pixpa’s Mobile Gallery Apps platform enables you to create personalized mobile gallery apps for your clients. Share your work, build your brand, deliver added value and impress your existing and new clients.

Click here to see how to add a mobile gallery app.

You can edit properties for your mobile gallery app by clicking on the Settings tab.

  • Go to the Gallery Apps section in Studio.
  • Find a particular app that you want to manage and click on it.
  • You would see the setting tab next to the Items tab.

See the screen below to understand the functions available on the Settings page.


  1. Your mobile app settings page
  2. Change Mobile App Name
  3. Published – Select this option to make the App active.
  4. Enable social media sharing on your app.
  5. Enable your info on your app. Know more.
  6. Get an Install link for your mobile app.
  7. Event Date – Add an event date on your app (optional)
  8. Expiry Date – Add an expiry date (optional). After that particular app will no longer be accessible.
  9. Call to action button – Add a prominent Call to Action button at the end of the app gallery to send visitors to your website/blog or any other link. Know more.
  10. Contact Form – Add a contact form to the mobile gallery app. Know more.
  11. Gallery Description (Optional) – Add a gallery description here. Know more.
  12. App Icon – This is used as the App icon on your client’s mobile home screen.  Upload a square JPEG image only. An ideal size would be 512 x 512 pixels.
  13. Cover image – 
  14. Gallery style options – Control how to display your app gallery in the mobile like 1-column or 2-column. You can also manage the grid gutter from here.
  15. Delete this app
  16. Back to All apps – Used to go back to the mobile gallery apps section.
  17. Save all the changes for this app.

What next

After you have created an app, you can share it with users to showcase your images by sending them an invite email or sending an SMS. Click here to know more.