SEO – Optimize your website for search engines

Getting your website found on search engines on the keywords of your choice takes time and effort.

You have to work on two fronts:
1- On site optimisation that focuses on adding relevant text content to your website that includes the keywords of your choice. This text can be entered as SEO data for content items, photo infos, gallery description, page content etc.

2- Off-site optimisation: The more you can get other websites to link to your website, the more relevant your site becomes for search engines. So do participate in forums, blogs and anywhere else where you can create a link to your website.

Tips to optimize search engine optimization for your Pixpa website:

  1. Write relevant page title, keywords and descriptions for your website.
  2. Submit your website to prominent directories like – Google & Bing
  3. Be a part of the social media networks and use your website’s social media widget for bookmarking.
  4. Write an overview of all your photo galleries and use captions with your images.
  5. Link exchange with other quality websites you are in touch with.

To make sure that your websites appear for the desired keywords, please follow the directions below:

In the marketing section, click on option SEO settings which are the Global SEO settings of your website. Write relevant Page Title, descriptions and keywords for your website, Use keywords relevant to your website & along-with add targeted keywords like photographer, City name, etc.

You may also add more information for individual galleries, pages, links or other add-ons you create. On each page, just click on the Settings section of any gallery/page and you will find the SEO fields there in the last of the page.

Note: For detailed SEO of each page, galleries, etc visit SEO metadata help page.

At Pixpa, we understand the importance of images that cannot be read by search engines, in order to enable them to be indexed and ranked in search, we use photo-caption/headline, keywords and description for each image separately to better index your every image in search engines.

Update your images with captions, description, and keywords by going into the Website (1) section and select image Gallery Menu (Collection, Galleries, Folders) (2) and then after click on the particular Gallery (3) where you want to make changes in the images.

After clicking on the particular gallery, you’ll be redirected to a new page with all the images in that particular gallery.

Select the image (1) in which you want to make changes by clicking on it, a new sub-menu appears, click on Actions (2) and then after click on the Image Properties (3).

After clicking on the image properties, you’ll again be redirected to a new page as shown in the image below.

Add headline (1), keywords (2), and description (3) and click on the Save (4) button, that’s it for your image SEO.

Content is King in SEO, so we recommend to add quality unique content on your website/blog with relevant keywords regularly to get optimum results.

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