Online Store vs. Ecommerce Galleries – Which is better for me?

Creative professionals looking to leverage eCommerce into their websites get two alternatives on Pixpa. You can choose to either build an online store to sell your products, or you can opt for image galleries with eCommerce enabled on them.

When to use an online store:

An online store works best for creators who are looking to sell physical products such as t-shirts, merchandise, prints and anything else. With an online store, you can also sell download-ready digital content such as e-books, music, digital art, and more. You can even enable clients to pay you for services such as workshops, photography packages, design projects, and more.

See an Online Store in action

When to use Ecommerce Galleries:

Ecommerce Galleries are the smarter choice for photographers and other visual artists who want to sell hundreds or even thousands of images as prints and downloads. Photo buyers can seamlessly purchase your images each in varying print sizes/mediums/resolutions. You also get instant digital delivery of images and a choice between self-fulfillment or auto print fulfillment from the best professional labs for print orders.

See Ecommerce Galleries in action.

Whether you are selling products through an online store or images using Ecommerce galleries, you have complete control over your product pricing and profit margins. You can connect your Paypal & Stripe accounts to collect payments directly. Or accept offline payments. Best of all, Pixpa does not charge any commissions on your sales. You keep all of your profits.

Which subscription plan should I use:

Once you have decided whether you want to include an Online Store or Ecommerce Galleries on your website, you can choose your subscription plan accordingly.

Ecommerce Galleries are part of Pixpa’s Photography Plans.
Online Stores are part of Pixpa’s Creator Plans

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