Enable commenting in blogs using Disqus

You need a Disqus shortname to enable Disqus comments on your blogs in your website. (Note that having a Disqus username is not enough)

Whats a Disqus shortname?

A Disqus shortname is a unique identifier assigned to a Disqus site. All the comments posted to a site are referenced with the shortname. The shortname tells Disqus to load only your site’s comments, as well as the settings specified in your Disqus admin. (taken from the Disqus website)

Click here for more information on what a Disqus shortname is, and how to get one.

How to get a Disqus Shortname?

You need to register your website with Disqus. You can do that by clicking here.

In the next step, You need to select “I want to install Disqus on my site”

In the next step, you would specify your Disqus shortname. This is the same as your unique Disqus URL.

For example, Have chosen my disqus shortname as amrishdisqus here. 

Add Disqus Shortname in studio

Copy the “short-name” you have specified in the above step in your Disqus registration.

Then go to the Settings (1) section in Pixpa studio and then in the Site Settings (2),  scroll the right section after a few settings option you’ll see Disqus Comments on Blogs (3), paste it here as shown in the image below and Save these updates.

That’s it. You can now enable Disqus comments on any Blog you make in your website.

Enable Disqus commenting on a blog

Go to the website section. Find and click on the Blog that you want to work on from the navigation left column.

In the particular blog section, click on the Blog Settings button on the left-hand side and then after click on the Enable commenting option as shown in the image below.