Add Soundcloud file to your website

Soundcloud is the best way to host your audio files just like Youtube / Vimeo is for video files. Pixpa allows you to embed your SoundCloud audio or music file on your Pixpa website in three ways. You can add it to a

Soundcloud is free for audio files totalling upto 3 hours. Thats more than enough for several albums for your audio.

First, Copy SoundCloud embed code

Please follow these steps:

  • Go to SoundCloud file URL
  • Under the video, click Share
  • From the box that appears, Go to embed section and copy the HTML code.



Click here to know more about embed code.

  • If you have not created a gallery yet, Click here to see how to create one
  • Go to particular gallery and click on “Add item” button
  • You would see a popup window, Click on “HTML/Text slide” button.
  • Now click on widget tool box. You would see another pop up window.
  • Paste your above copied embed code here. That’s it.

Add SoundCloud file in custom page

  • If you have not created a custom page yet, Click here to see how to create one.
  • Then go to the particular custom page and filter the content blocks with “custom code” from right side dropdown.

  • Drag the custom code content block into the canvas area and click on “Setting” button. You need to replace the existing entire code with above copied embed code here. That’s it.

Note: You can add your SoundCloud <iframe> code in any content block by editing the HTML of that particular content block.

Add SoundCloud file in WYSIWYG editor

  • Go to editor section of particular content item like blog post, cover banner, contact form, calendar etc
  • Click on widget tool box. You would see a pop up window.
  • Paste your above copied embed code here. That’s it.