Understand WHCC Lab fulfilment for print orders

Pixpa allows you to connect WHCC lab to the auto fulfilment of your eCommerce galleries orders. For WHCC, You need to be a resident of the USA.

Please note

Each WHCC product catalog (like Prints, Canvas or Metal Prints) has a $12.00 minimum order amount.

For example, if an order contains 1 Print product and 1 Canvas product, then it would be processed and shipped as two individual order by WHCC and would cost you $12 for each order. Please consider this while setting your pricing and markup. For more details, click here.

If you are not a resident of the USA, You can create your custom lab in Pixpa and add all the products you want. Custom Labs allow you to automate print order processing by automatically sending the order email with download links of images to be printed to any print lab that accepts orders by email. Know more.

In this article:

Here are the following steps to get started with WHCC fulfilment

Step 1: Create your WHCC account

You need to be a resident of the USA. If you don’t have a WHCC account? Click here to create your WHCC account (You need to be a resident of the USA).

Once you are ready with the WHCC account, Connect the same in Pixpa.

Step 2: Setup WHCC lab for auto fulfilment

WHCC (White House Custom Colour) lab support and process only JPEG files at 300 PPI. Anything lower than that typically results in a less the clear image/print.

Click here to see how to setup WHCC lab in Pixpa studio.

Pixpa allows you to select Automatic Fulfilment where you would need to upload highresolution original files of your images upfront for automatic fulfilment. If the original image size is not sufficient for printing any particular lab product at 300 dpi, then that product will not be available in the shopping cart for ordering.

Or you can select the Review Order option to review and manually approve all orders. Original file sizes are not checked before products are added to the cart if this option is enabled. You will also be able to replace original files for the order items at the review stage.

Step 3: Create WHCC pricing sheet and apply to an album

After connecting the WHCC account, you need to create your pricing sheet with WHCC products. Click here to see how.

We do support only Photographic Prints (Lustre paper, Metallic and Deep matte), Canvas and Metal prints from WHCC catalog at the moment.

In WHCC, Every catalog will have a $12.00 minimum, so the minimum is for each order.

For example, if an order contains Print and Canvas then it would be processed and shipped in two individual order by WHCC hence both would cost you $12 each.

We recommend you to set your price markup accordingly. Click here to see how.

Now, Assign WHCC pricing sheets to your eCommerce gallery. Different galleries can be assigned separate pricing sheets offering you flexibility in how you want to sell your images. Your clients will now be able to purchase images as prints or downloads based on the product options included in pricing sheets.

  • Click here to see how to add a gallery in eCommerce galleries section
  • Click here to see how to apply a pricing sheet to a gallery

Step 4: Add your business name and address

To process your WHCC order, Your business address need to add in Pixpa studio.

You can add the same from my account page. Click here to know more.

Step 5: Setup Taxes and Shipping

Pixpa allows you to create tax rates for all the countries and state/regions (US and Canada only). You can apply the tax inclusive and exclusive both. You can also specify the tax whether it applies to digital products / shipping or not. Click here to see how.

And Shipping Rate List lets you set country-based shipping rates that are added to an order. You can also specify extra shipping amounts in each product that will be added to the shipping amount for that order. Click here to see how.

Please note

WHCC provides free two-day shipping in Contiguous US if you want to deliver the order to your studio address.

And WHCC charges $7.50 per order for Shipping direct to your client (Drop Shipping) in Contiguous US. Shipping your order to an address other than the address on file (i.e., your photo studio address) for your account is called drop shipping.

Click here to know everything about WHCC shipping rates.

Step 6: Manage orders

All incoming orders and abandoned carts are available in the Orders section. Efficiently process orders, collect revenue and delight your customers.

  • Click here to see how to manage orders