Site showing Not Secure on the browser bar. Is there a problem?

Recently, Google launched a new update wherein all websites that do not use an SSL certificate (do not work on https) have started showing a “Not Secure” label in the browser bar.

Secure Sockets Layer or SSL helps to give your site a more secure structure by creating an encrypted link between the server and client. You do not need to purchase SSL certificate. Pixpa itself would be applying the SSL certificate on your website.

What next:

  • If your browser is still showing “not secure.” The issue can happen because It may be possible your domain is not connected correctly with your Pixpa website. Request you to reconnect the same. Click here to know more.
  • Or It may be possible that your SSL certificate has expired. You need to raise a request for renewing the same to Pixpa Support. Ping us from studio live chat or email us at