Connect custom domain name with your Pixpa website

To connect your domain name to your Pixpa website, you need to own a domain name first.

If you haven’t purchased your domain name yet, you can buy your domain name from any domain registrar like or etc.

If you need any assistance in buying the domain, please email us at & our support team will help you in this process.

To use your existing domain name with Pixpa, you need to add/update the DNS settings in your domain control panel.  Many domain registrars allow you to login to their web sites and update the DNS settings through an online form. If not, then you would need to contact your domain name registrar and request them to do these changes for you.

Steps to connect your domain name to your Pixpa website:

Step 1.  Locate the DNS settings for your domain.

Login to your domain name control panel. This is typically the account that you created when your purchased your domain name from any domain registrar.Find the DNS settings section for your domain name. Some registrars refer to it as Advanced Domain Name settings.

Step 2. Create a CNAME record

In the DNS settings section, create a www CNAME record – and point it to . 

Step 3. Create a Domain Name Forwarder

Find the section in your domain name control panel where you can add forwarding for your domain name.
Create the domain name forwarder: will forward to

For Example: will forward to


It is very important to create a “Forwarding (redirect)” otherwise (without www) will not work. Although, will work.

Please be patient – It can take up to 24 hours for forwarding and CNAME entries to propagate across the Internet.

Step 4. Make a Go Live Request in the Studio

Once you have completed the above steps, you can then submit a Go Live request from the Settings section in your Pixpa Studio.

In the Settings setting, go to the Connect Domain page and enter your domain name with “http://www” prefix as

Here domain name is an example in this help article. Request you to replace it with your domain name.

Do not use any forward slash (/) after the domain name during Go-LIve request. It would be just “http://www” prefix to your domain name.

  • – Incorrect URL for Go-live request
  • – Incorrect URL for Go-live request
  • – Incorrect URL for Go-live request
  • – Correct URL for Go-live request 



1. Before your point your existing domain name to your Pixpa website, make sure that you have taken a backup of whatever is important from your current hosting provider.

2. You are still responsible for domain name fees and renewals with your current registrar.

If you need any assistance at any point through the process, email us at