Manage cart icon color and position on your store

Pixpa uses a floating shopping cart icon on your website that’s easy to reach and always visible without interfering with your website.

You can customise the colour scheme, icon visibility and position of the cart icon to make it work better and gel with your website design.

Colour Scheme Options:

  1. Dark scheme: White text on black base
  2. Light scheme: Black text on white base

Floating Cart Icon Position Options: 

  1. Top Left of your website
  2. Top Right of your website
  3. Bottom Left of your website
  4. Bottom Right of your website
  5. Show in Website Menu (Only in selected theme layouts)
  6. Hidden

Cart Icon Visibility

  1. Visible when item in cart
  2. Always visible

You can specify these settings for the shopping cart icon by following these steps:

  • Go to Store section under eCommerce
  • Then click on Settings tab on left hand side
  • Scroll down to Cart Icon Style section where you can set your preferences using the floating icon color, position and visibility drop-downs.
  • Save your changes. That’s it.

For example: This is how the Shopping Cart Icon looks on your website with Dark Color Scheme and Bottom Right Position.