Add a category in eCommerce galleries store

You can easily group your product in categories to structure and filter your pricing sheet’s product catalog. Know more about the pricing sheet.

To add a product category, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the eCommerce Galleries section in Pixpa Studio
  2. Click on Pricing sheets on the left side. You would see all your pricing sheets here.
  3. Then click on the Product Categories tab. You would see all your categories here.

Add a new custom category

Click on + Add category button to add a new custom category like tees, wallets, etc. On clicking, you would see a pop-up window as shown in the below image. Just add your category name here.

For example, we have added a new category named “Metal Prints”.

You would see your new category in the last.

On the categories page, you can Edit (1) or Delete (2) any category that you’d made and only Edit (1) the name of pre-defined galleries.

System default categories like Prints, Digital Downloads etc can not be deleted.

Select your category in products

At the time of adding a product in the pricing sheet, you would see a drop-down for a category. You would see your newly added custom category name in the list.

Or Go to the pricing sheet and edit the existing particular product where you want to add this new custom category.

Just select the respective Category for your product and hit the Save button to update your changes.

How to view my custom category

You can view your custom category on a floating cart page.


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