Setup WHCC lab for auto fulfilment in eCommerce galleries store

Pixpa allows you to connect the WHCC lab to the auto fulfilment of your client galleries orders.

Don’t have a WHCC account? Click here to create your WHCC account (You need to be a resident of U.S.A.).

WHCC (White House Custom Colour) lab support and process only JPEG files at 300 PPI. Anything lower than that typically results in a less clear image/print. Click here to know more.

 Follow these steps to set up a WHCC lab:

  1. Go to ECommerce (1) section
  2. Click on Print Labs (2) menu from the left-hand side
  3. Click on Manage (3) button next to the WHCC option.

On clicking the manage button, You would see a pop-up window where you need to connect the WHCC account and fill the required details as shown in the screenshot.

Let’s dive into this in detail:

  1. Click on Connect to my WHCC account button. The system would ask you to login in your WHCC account. Click here to know more.
  2. Copyright Text (Optional) – Specify the copyright text for the back of the print.
  3. Ship order to – Here, You can choose where you do want to ship your WHCC order. Either Dropship to customer’s address in the order invoice or Send to my studio address which is specified in My account section.

  1. Automatic Fulfilment – Enable this to send all paid orders to the WHCC lab automatically. You would need to upload high-resolution original files of your images upfront for automatic fulfillment. If the original image size is not sufficient for printing any lab product at 300 dpi, then that product will not be available in the shopping cart for ordering.

  1. Review Orders – Enable to review and manually approve all orders. Original file sizes are not checked before products are added to the cart if this option is enabled. You will also be able to replace original files for the order items at the review stage.

  1. Request Color Correction – You can request WHCC to color correct your images for all the orders. It would cost you though. Click here to know more.
  2. Hit the Save button to update all the changes.

Connect WHCC account

As you click on Connect to my WHCC account button, the system would redirect to a page where you need to enter your WHCC login details and hit the login button.

In the next step, the system will automatically connect your WHCC account and redirect to the studio. You would see the active tab on the WHCC lab option.

What about WHCC payments

Pixpa does not come in between the transaction. We also do not charge any transaction fees or commission on any sale.

You would connect your PayPal or Stripe account with your Pixpa website and take the payment of all orders directly. All payment would reflect in your account only.

Also, you would create your own WHCC account and connect it with your Pixpa website. So when an order comes, it will be sent to your WHCC account. Pixpa is just placing the particular order on your behalf.

WHCC will process and ship the order and charge your credit card (which is connected in your WHCC account) directly since it’s your account. You need to contact WHCC support for all payments and order-related issue. Click here to know more.

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