Create store discount coupons

Pixpa enables you to create three types of Discount coupons:

  1. Percentage Discount: Enables you to apply a percentage based discount on the Cart Subtotal (total price of products in the cart).
  2. Flat Rate Discount: Allows you to create a discount code that reduces the cart total by a fixed amount. Note that fixed amount discount cannot be more than the cart subtotal (total price of products in the cart).
  3. Shipping Discount: Allows you to create a discount coupon that remove the shipping charges from the cart.

To create discount codes

  • Go to the Ecommerce section
  • In the store section, click on the Discount Coupons link on the left hand side. On this page, you would see the list of all the coupons.
  • You can also edit (3) or Delete (4) any existing coupon code on this page.
  • On this page, Click on the + Add Discount Coupons button to create a new discount code.

On clicking Add discount coupon button, This will take to you to the discount coupon creation page. See the screenshot below to learn how to set up a discount code:

  1. Discount Title: Give a descriptive name to your discount coupon
  2. Discount Code: Specify the coupon code here. This is the code that your store visitors will put in the checkout page to get the discount. Note that discount coupons are not case-sensitive – which means BLACK50 is the same as black50.
  3. Make Coupon Active: Enable to make coupon active. Disabled discount coupon cannot be applied at checkout.
  4. Discount Type: Choose whether you want your discount coupon to give a Flat Discount or a Percentage Discount or Free shipping Discount. Specify the amount of discount you are offering. In order to create 100% coupon code add 100.
  5. Validity period – From: Define the time period (date) for which the discount code would stay active from.
  6. Validity period – To: Define the time period (date) for which the discount code would stay active to.
  7. Never Expires: If you do not want to specify any end date, Click on it. Particular coupon code would stay active always.
  8. Save your changes

Note: If the final cart amount goes to zero (0) after applying the discount, system would remove all the payment options and enable a submit order button. This particular order would be treated a paid order.