How to change website design theme

What is a theme?

Think of each theme as a set of presets created by Pixpa’s expert design team to help you get the look you want for your website. You can further customise any theme using the Style Editor in the Design section. Changing your website look and feel is a breeze in Pixpa. Click here to see all.

Just change your website design theme, and you will have a brand new look for your website with a single click. You can change your website theme as many times as you like. There’s no additional charge for that.

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How to change your website theme:

Go to the Design section and switch to theme section. Click on Change Theme button.

This will bring you to the Choose Themes screen. All available themes will be presented here. Simply click on the View Theme button to apply the theme on your website.


Your chosen theme has been applied to your website.

You can now customize the new theme using the Style Editor.

In addition to this, The home page of the new theme you have chosen is added to your website. You can edit this and add your content to match the exact look of the new theme you have selected. Or you can delete or hide it as well from the website section.

Can I use my earlier design style with this new theme?

Yes, You can use your old style with this new theme. That would mean you can apply your earlier used fonts, color, size, weight and gallery layouts etc on this new theme in a single click with the help of Previously Used Styles tab under design section.

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