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Change website design theme

Changing your website look and feel is a breeze in Pixpa.

Simply change your website design theme and you will have a brand new look for your website with a single click.

All of your existing content is retained and is adapted to the new theme visual settings. To understand more, see this article: What happens when I change my website theme?

You can change your website theme as many times as you like. There’s no additional charge for that.

How to change your website theme:

Go to the Design section.

Click on Change Theme button on the top left corner.



This will bring you to the Choose Themes screen. All available themes will be presented here. You can roll-over on any theme to Preview the theme or simply click on the Use This Theme button to apply the theme on your website.



Once your theme had been changed you can click on Go back to style on the top right corner of the screen to go back to the Style Editor where you can customize the theme..

Your chosen theme has been applied on your website.

You can now customize the new theme using the Style Editor.

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