Set store product status

Products can have 3 different states in Pixpa.

Active (Green dot): Products that are available in your store for buying.

Coming Soon (Yellow dot): Products that you will be launching soon and are currently not taking orders for. Coming Soon status for products is a great way to showcase a teaser of new products that you are working on and are about to launch. Products with Coming Soon status cannot be added to the cart.

Inactive (Grey dot): Products that you have created in the store but do not want to show in your store.


To set the visibility of the products, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Store section in Pixpa Studio
  • In the Store section, click on the products link on left hand side. On this page, you would see the listing of all the products. Click on any product now.
  • On the product edit page, you would see the visibility option when you scroll down.
  • Choose the product visibility state and save your changes.