Add owner info to mobile gallery app

Pixpa’s Mobile Gallery Apps platform enables you to create personalized mobile gallery apps for your clients. Share your work, build your brand, deliver added value and impress your clients.

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You can enable the info tab to show your or brand information (like logo, about your brand, email, phone, site link, etc) from gallery app Settings.

  • Go to the Gallery Apps section in Studio.
  • Find a particular app where you want to enable your information and click on it.
  • After that, you would see the setting tab next to the items tab.
  • On the settings page, scroll down the page after Enable Sharing button, you’ll see the option to enable the Show Photographer Info button.
  • After that just click on the Save button at the top right side.

Manage info page

Info page includes your logo or site title, bio info, avatar image, social profile links, phone number, email ID, and a website link.

Click here to see how to manage your logo and site title.

Click here to see how to manage your bio info, avatar image, registered phone number, and email ID.

Click here to manage your social media profile links.

Do check out the Info tab in action:

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