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Change site title and/or upload logo

Your site title is used in your site’s header. If you upload a logo, your site title is replaced by the logo.

You can set the style properties (font / size / color) for your site title in the Design > Logo section.

To specify your site title, click on the design icon. This will take you to the design section.


In the design section, you can specify the Site Title as shown below.
Publish and you are done.


You can also upload you logo from the same page.
Click on Upload button to add your logo. Logo should be in JPEG / JPG / PNG format. Publish after you have uploaded the file.

You can also upload a Email logo (Secondary logo) which will be used in Proofing, Order Invoices, Contact Sheets etc.

Make sure your logo is in the perfect size

Logo size should ideally be less that 500 px X 500 px. Larger images are downsized to this size. You can use JPG or PNG images for your site’s logo. Don’t forget to check your website to see how the logo is appearing. If the logo is too small, or too large, you can re-size the logo file and upload it again.

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