Images are not showing?

Sometime you may face an issue after upload your images; they are not visible in Pixpa studio or website or there is processing image. For example, do check out the below screenshot. (Point 1, 2 and 3)

It happens very rarely first of all. When you upload multiple images, system perform many parallel tasks like images processing, cropping, resizing in various sizes, image compression, etc. to deliver the best size image automatically depending on the device and resolution to make the website fast.

Typically all above processes take a fraction of seconds however you may end up with the broken image (as shown in above screenshot) when there is some extra delay in response from processing queue.

Request you to wait for sometime then refresh the page or just delete that particular image and upload it again. You can see the filename of the failed image by clicking show filename under “more action” dropdown. (as shown in above screenshot)

You can always mail us at or ping us from studio chat if you continue to face any issue. We will fix it on our end.

Apart from that would also recommend you to cross-check your file name. Sometime it may also cause this type of error. Click here to see best practices for image file naming.