Connect PayUmoney – Take payments on your store

Start taking payments online by connecting your Pixpa Store to your PayUmoney account (FOR INDIAN USERS ONLY) and enable your site visitors to check out online. Your customer can pay via debit card / net banking / credit card.

You need a PayUmoney Merchant Account to start taking payments using PayUmoney. If you do not have one, create your PayUmoney Merchant account.

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What documents are required to get PayUmoney account

To integrate PayUmoney account with Pixpa store, the documents required depends on your Business Filing status. So if you register as a proprietor the documents required will be different from the documents required if you register as a Private Limited Company. For details, you may contact our Support Team at

The bank account can be Current Account or Savings Account.

To Register PayUmoney Account

Go to this link –

Setup your account and fill all the required fields. PayUmoney team will contact to you to verify your account details in next 24 hours (In weekdays). After that you need to follow their instructions.

Once PayUmoney team verify your details, you need to create your PayUmoney account. Just follow their email instructions which will take you to choose a product.

Click on Get Payment Gateway.

In the next step, you need to fill the Business name & other details about your business. And click on Register button

You can register as Individual or Company. You would need to authenticate your PayUMoney account by providing identification documents. Click here to know more about required documents. 

Once you registered. You would see the below screen. Click on full integration tab.

In the next step, you need to copy Merchant ID, Key & Salt key to connect your PayUmoney account with Pixpa store.

To connect PayUmoney in Pixpa store

  • Go to Store section
  • Click on Payment methods tab on left hand side
  • You would see all the payment option that you can connect with your Pixpa store.
  • Click on Enable button next to PayUmoney.

  • On clicking the enable button, You would see a popup window where you need to paste the copied merchant ID (1) , Key (2) and Salt (3) in respective text boxes. Click save button (4) to save the changes.

That’s it. Your PayUmoney account is now connected with your Pixpa store.

Remove PayUmoney Connection

You can disconnect the PayUmoney connection by removing Merchant ID, Key & Salt. Please note that if you remove the PayUmoney connection, you will not be able to take payments using PayUmoney on your website.