Setup custom lab for automate self-fulfilment in eCommerce galleries store

We do support self-fulfillment where you can fulfill your orders using any lab of your choice. To automate self-fulfillment, you need to set up your custom lab.

Custom Labs allow you to automate print order processing by automatically sending the order email with download links of images to be printed to any print lab that accepts orders by email.

 Follow these steps to set up a Custom lab:

  1. Go to the Ecommerce (1) section
  2. Click on Print Labs (2) menu on the left-hand side
  3. Click on + Add Custom Lab (3) button on the right top of the screen.

On clicking the button, you would see a pop-up window where you need to fill the required details as shown in the screenshot.

Let’s dive into this in detail:

  1. Lab Name – Specify your local lab name
  2. Emails – 
  3. Email subject – Specify the subject of the order emails. Add unique prefix to stand out your order email in their mailbox like [Your store name] or [Print order] etc.
  4. Copyright Text (Optional) – Specify the copyright text for the back of the print.
  5. Ship order to – Here, You can choose where you do want to ship your order. Either Dropship to customer’s address in the order invoice or Send to my studio address which is specified in My account section.

  1. Automatic Fulfilment – Enable this to send all paid orders to this lab automatically. You would need to upload high-resolution original files of your images upfront for automatic fulfillment. If the original image size is not sufficient for printing any lab product at 300 dpi, then that product will not be available in the shopping cart for ordering.

  1. Review Orders – Enable to review and manually approve all orders. Original file sizes are not checked before products are added to the cart if this option is enabled. You will also be able to replace original files for the order items at the review stage.

  1. Request Color Correction – You can request your lab to color correct your images for all the orders If they support.
  2. Hit the save button to save the changes.

That’s it. Your custom lab has been set-up.

What next?

Now go to the pricing sheet section to create a custom lab pricing sheet.

Click here to know more.