Create a self-fulfilment pricing sheet for eCommerce galleries

A Pricing Sheet is a set of self-fulfillment products and digital download options.

  • Go to the eCommerce (1) section
  • Click on Pricing sheets (2) on the left-side menu. You would see all your pricing sheets (3) along with a default pricing sheet i.e. “My Self-fulfill (4)” as shown in the below image.

  • You can also Edit (1), Duplicate (2) or Delete (3) any existing pricing sheet from here by clicking on the setting icon.
  • Click on Add Pricing Sheet (4) button in the right top to add a new pricing sheet.

In this article:

To add a new self-fulfillment pricing sheet, follow these steps:

Click on the + Add Pricing Sheet button on the right top of the screen. You would see a pop up where you need to add pricing sheet details like:

  1. Pricing Sheet Name – Add your pricing sheet name.
  2. Include common products – Only check if you want to include demo products (Art Prints) in your pricing sheets.
  3. Print Lab – Choose Self Fulfilment option from the drop-down list here if you want to process all orders by yourself.

Note: If you want to automate the self fulfilment, Select Print Lab or select WHCC for auto fulfilment (Only for US customers).

  1. Tax Rate – Choose your tax rate for this pricing sheet from the drop-down list. Know more.
  2. Save – Click here to save the changes.

Once you create your self-fulfillment pricing sheet, you can add your products here like Prints, Mugs, Canvases, etc.

Click on the respective pricing sheet to add products in it.

Before creating products, We recommend you to create product categories to filter or structure your products. Click here to see how.

If you do not want to create any custom category, you can skip this step and move to add the products in a particular pricing sheet.

To add products in the self-fulfillment pricing sheet

  • Open a particular self-fulfillment pricing sheet where you want to add your products.
  • Click on + Add Product button in the top right corner, you would see an option to select which type of products you want to add, i.e. Self-fulfilment products (1) and Digital Download (2).

You can also Edit (3), Duplicate (4) or Delete (5) any existing product by clicking on the three-dots at the last of the product name on the right side.

You can add both types of products:

  • Self-fulfillment Product – Sell items that you would ship (tees, prints and other products). Know more.
  • Digital Product – Sell download-ready digital files (music, software, video, etc). Know more.

Add a self-fulfillment Product

You can sell any self-fulfillment or physical product that you would ship (like tees, prints and other products).

On clicking on self-fulfillment product option, you would see a popup window where you can add:

  1. Product Title – The name of your product
  2. Price – The default price of your product.
  3. Extra Shipping – If you want to add a surcharge in addition of default shipping rate for any particular product. Know more about the default shipping rate.
  4. Category – You can group your products in various categories. Like all print sizes will come in print category & canvas sizes come in canvas category. Know more.
  5. This is a Print product – Specify the width and height of the print product here. On the basis of the specified size, the system would generate a crop on your image. The user would be able to move the crop and select the required area that should be printed if the crop is smaller than the actual image. If it’s not a print product, just uncheck this option. In this case, there will be no crop on the cart page.
  6. Description – Add your product description. It would reflect on clicking on the info icon next to the product name on the cart page.
  7. Save – Click here to save the product.

Add a Digital Product

You can sell download-ready digital files (music, software, video, etc). From here you can add –

  1. Product Title: The name of your product
  2. Price: The default price of your product.
  3. Download type: You can allow your customer to download or buy either single image one by one or complete a gallery in one go. Click here to choose the type.
  4. Download size: You can allow your customer to download or buy a various version of your original images like Large 2048px, Medium 1200px and small 500px
  5. Description: Add your product description. It would reflect on the cart page on hovering on the product name.
  6. Save: Click here to save the product.

What next?

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