Does Pixpa provide SSL Certificate


Yes, All Pixpa websites are now secured with SSLs.

You do not need to purchase any SSL certificate. Pixpa itself would be applying the SSL certificate on your website.

Google and its browser – Chrome are getting serious about all websites using SSL certificates. With Chrome browser’s latest updates, websites without SSL certificates are increasingly being flagged as “Not Secure” by Google.

Not worry! Now SSL Certificate is pre-installed in all Pixpa websites.

That means your website will get an instant green signal from Google, better ranking in search engines and also inspire confidence amongst your site visitors.

What next:

  • If your browser is still showing “not secure.” The issue can happen because It may be possible your domain is not connected correctly with your Pixpa website. Request you to reconnect the same. Click here to know more.
  • Or It may be possible that your SSL certificate has expired. You need to raise a request for renewing the same to Pixpa Support. Ping us from studio live chat or email us at