Enable Password Protection on Website

You can restrict or password protect your website access by enabling putting a password so that no one can see your site changes for time being. You can also add a description to this password protected page.

For example do check out the screenshot of a website while password protection is activated. 

Enable password protection on the website

  • Open Setting Section
  • Go to the Password Protect Website section.
  • Click on the Active option under the Password Protect Website.
  • Specify your password here.
  • Add the description text for the password protection page, if you want to. (Optional).
  • Save your settings.

That’s it. Now visitors to your website will need to enter a password to access your website. Check it out by visiting your website.

Disable password protection from website

Go to the password protect website section and click on the Inactive option below Password Protect Website and save settings. That’s it. Now your site is visible to everyone.