Creating a multilingual site in Pixpa

A multilingual site would help you to target the international audience. We do not support auto multilingual sites at the moment but we do support multiple languages.

You can set up your site and its content using the following methods in order to achieve your multilingual demands.

Method 1:  Create multiple sites for each language

You can create multiple sites for each language and add the content in respective languages. In this case, we give you 50% discount on your second website for the lifetime.

Plus you would also get one year free domain registration for other site hence you set up your another domain for that specific language or country, for example, and both sites built on Pixpa.

Please follow the steps:

  • Add second site in your existing Pixpa account. Pixpa gives you the flexibility of managing multiple websites while using only a single studio so that you do not have to switch tabs and gives you a much comfortable experience.
  • Just to quick start, we will copy your existing theme and entire website data into the second site.
  • After that, you need to edit the site content in respective language and get it ready.
  • Once you are done, Start your subscription and connect your domain with the second site. That’s it.
  • Whenever you want to add content, you can add the same from a single studio in both sites to keep them updated.

You can easily interlink your both sites with the help of cover pages and dropdown.

Do check out the demo bilingual sites:

Method 2: Add your site content side by side

You can add your page content in two languages side by side. This would be a pretty good option in case if there are only a few paragraphs that you want to showcase in both languages.

Do check out the demo bilingual sites:

Method 3: Create Single page site

If you are looking to create a single page site then it would be a great option. You can start with the cover page to create landing pages in multiple languages.

Do check out the demo bilingual sites: