How to add a Dropdown in site navigation

Adding a Dropdown link in the site navigation enables you to manage your site structure effectively by making several content items appear as sub-links under the dropdown. This de-clutters the site’s primary navigations and adds logic and relevance to your website navigation.

For example, you can create a Projects drop-down and add all your projects galleries in the drop-down.

A drop-down does not have its link (URL). It just lists all the sub-links in site navigation. If you want to create a page which can include your sub-links and has unique URL then would recommend you to create a group instead of the drop-down. Click here to see how.

In this article, we will discuss:

  1. How to add a drop-down link in the site navigation.
  2. How to add existing content item to a drop-down
  3. How to add a new content item to a drop-down
  4. How to hide a drop-down from site navigation
  5. How to delete a drop-down

1. Add a Drop-down in site navigation

Go to website section first. You can any add content item to your website by clicking on the ✚ icon next to website navigation text.

This will open up a screen which lets you choose the different types of content items that you can add to your website. Click on the Dropdown button.

Specify the link name for the Dropdown:

That’s it. Your Dropdown link has been created and added to the site navigation in the last. You can drag and drop the newly added Dropdown link to its correct position in the site navigation.

See this article on how to sequence links in site navigation.

2. Add existing content item to this Drop-down:

You can add any content item (excluding a Group and a Dropdown) to a drop-down. The root links will then become a part of the drop-down as its sub-links.

If you want to add existing content item then just select the particular item and drag into the drop-down. Respective content item will automatically move into the drop-down. Plus you can also sequence its position by drag-and-drop.

3. Add new content item to this drop-down

You can add any content item (excluding a Group and a Dropdown) to a drop-down. To add any new item simply click on ✚ icon next to drop-down name.

For example – Here we want to add a new project gallery in “Projects” dropdown. 

On clicking the plus icon, you would see all content item that can be added in this particular group.

New content item will be added in the last of your dropdown sub-links.

You can also add or remove and sequence any existing content item into a drop-down, simply drag and drop it over the Drop-down’s row as shown below or vice-versa.

4. Hide the drop-down from site navigation

You can easily hide the drop-down from setting section of particular drop-down. Please follow the steps:

  1. Go to setting section
  2. Switch off the toggle
  3. Save the changes

5. Delete a drop-down

To delete a drop-down, Just move your cursor to the particular drop-down. You would see the delete icon on left side.


This will delete the drop-down and all the content items in it.

Note: The Deleted drop-down cannot be recovered. Be careful before you delete a drop-down.