Add a mobile gallery app

Pixpa’s Mobile Gallery Apps platform enables you to create personalized mobile gallery apps for your clients. Share your work, build your brand, deliver added value and impress your clients.

In this article

  1. Open Gallery Apps section in the Studio.
  2. Click on + Create Mobile App button on the right top to add a new app.

  • On clicking, you would get a model window where you can specify the name of your app and then click on the Create App button.

That’s it! Your app has been created and added to Gallery Apps. Now you can directly upload your images in it.

  • Go to the Gallery Apps section in Studio.
  • Find a particular app where you want to add images and click on it.

  • In the next step, you would see the option of adding images on the right top. Click on the + Add Media button. You would see the option of adding images, video and HTML slide.

  • On clicking on the images tab, you would get a popup uploader. Click on the Browse and Upload button to select single or multiple images to upload to this gallery. You may also drag and drop your selected images there.

The process of creating a gallery, adding and managing images is the same as public galleries on your Pixpa website.

Click here to know everything about gallery upload and manage functionality.

How many images can I upload

You can create unlimited mobile gallery apps in all the plans with a maximum of 250 images in each app.