Enable announcement bar

Pixpa’s Announcement Bar is a great feature available on all websites built on Pixpa that you can use for many purposes. The Announcement Bar is a full-width bar that sits right on top of your website (above the header) and hence becomes the first thing that your site visitors will notice. This makes it a great place to highlight any important information that you want your site visitors to see and not miss out on.

You can style the Announcement Bar according to your website design, add a link to the whole bar or just to a portion of the text in it. The Announcement Bar appears on all pages of your website until the site visitor decides to close it by using the X button on the right corner.

To add the Announcement Bar, follow these instructions:

  • Go to the Marketing section
  • Now select the Announcement bar (2) menu item, now click on Active (3) in the Status section.

Let’s dive into this in detail:

  1. Enable Announcement Bar – Click on Active in the status section to enable the announcement bar.
  2. Announcement Bar Text – Specify your announcement text here like highlight a specific message, news or offers, etc. Click here to know more about Pixpa text editor.
  3. Auto Expire Announcement Bar – Customize your Date and Time when you want to expire this announcement at a particular date and time without updating manually.
  4. Clickthrough URL – 
  5. Style options – Manage your Announcement bar color, text font style and its color from here.
  6. Enable close button – Click here to enable the cross button on the Announcement bar.
  7. Reset visibility – 

See in action

Do check out the demo site where you can see the announcement bar in action.