Enable mobile information bar

Pixpa allows you to show a notification bar at the bottom of your mobile website.

The Mobile Information Bar can have up to 4 calls to action items giving visitors quick access to important information such as your phone number, email address, location, store URL and much more as per your need.

A Call to Action item can have an only text label, only icon or icons with text labels.

To add the Mobile Information Bar, follow these instructions:

  • Go to the Marketing Section
  • Now select the Mobile Information Bar (2) from the menu, after that click on the Active (3) button in the Status section at the Top.

  • Add your text label and icons and with this, you can also add Number, Email, Internal Links, or External Links to a particular icon and label text.
  • You can use only text label or icon or both simultaneously.
  • In Numbers you can add your mobile number, in Email, add your email address, internal links can be done with the only URL after the domain like https://yourdomain.com/testing, so just add /testing in internal links and add complete domain URL for all external links.
  • After adding text labels, icons and links, click on Save button at the right side of the top of the screen.

See in Action: