Manage inventory for store products

Inventory is the quantity of a particular product (Physical, Digital or Service) that is available for sale in your Pixpa store. Inventory management is available only in plus plan.

Manage inventory

  • Go to the Store section
  • In the Store section, click on the products link on left hand side. On this page, you would see the listing of all the products that already exist.
  • Click on the product name to edit that particular product or Click on + Add Product button to create a new product with options. Know more.
  • On the product creation/edit page, scroll down to Manage Inventory (1) section. Click on it to enable inventory.

On enabling manage inventory, you would see the option for:

  1. Quantity of the product
  2. What to do when you run out of inventory
    • You can set the product as sold out if inventory goes to zero.
    • Or you can remove that particular product from the store.
    • Or you can allow customers to purchase this product when it’s out of stock.. Typically it would help to take back-order or pre-order. In this case inventory goes in negative as order come.

Manage inventory with product options

If there are multiple product options in your product, You need to specify the quantity for each option.

Simply enable the inventory tracking and add the quantity in individual product option as shown below.


Important: If Manage Inventory is enabled then customer can purchase only those products that are available as per inventory limits.

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