Verify your website ownership on Pinterest

To verify your website’s authenticity you can claim your Pixpa website you own on Pinterest. To claim your website, you’ll need to add a meta tag in the <head> external script section.

Copy your Pinterest meta tag

  1. Log in to Pinterest from a web browser and click three dots icon to open your menu and Select Settings
  2. In the “Claim website” section, enter your complete website URL then click Claim 
  3. Select “Add HTML tag”. Copy the tag

Click here to know more.

Add the tag in Pixpa studio

  1. Go to the settings menu page, then click on the External Scripts in the settings menu bar.
  2. After clicking on it, paste the above-copied code in the External Script <head> Section as shown in the image below.
  3. Click on the Save button.
  4. Now, Go back to Pinterest and click Next, 
  5. Submit your claim request. That’s it.