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Add a Gallery

Gallery is the foundation of any portfolio website. This article explains how to create rich media galleries in Pixpa.

Login to your Pixpa account.

Go to the Website section on your dashboard and click on Add Menu Item.



This opens a screen which lets you choose the content item that you want to create. Click on Gallery. 


Name your Gallery and click Next.

Now You’ll be directed to the Layout page where you can choose the Gallery Layout to start with. You can change the Gallery Layout anytime later.

Select a layout of your choice and click Save

The Gallery is now created and will be added in your sites’s navigation as the last link. You will be asked to upload items like images, videos and text/HTML. You also have the option to skip this step.


Note: You can drag and drop and move the gallery to its correct position in the navigation. See this article to learn how to sequence your links.

  1. This will show and let you manage all items like images, videos and text/HTML slides.
  2. Settings of the gallery.

See this article to learn how to upload items to your gallery.

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