Create store product options

Product options let you set up options with different prices for a product.

For example, a t-shirt can have product options based on size (S, M, L, XL) or a print can have product options based on sizes (12×12, 20×20, 30×30 inches). Each option can have a different price if required.

Product options can be created when you are creating a product or you can edit any existing product to add product options. See this article to learn how to create products.

Add product options

  • Go to the Ecommerce section
  • In the Ecommerce section, click on the products link on the left-hand side. On this page, you would see the listing of all the products that already exist.
  • Click on the product name to edit that particular product or Click on + Add Product button to create a new product with options. Know more.
  • On the product creation/edit page, scroll down the page. You would see the enable product options button.

After enabling the product options, you would need to specify an Option Label (1) for the option. For example Select Size, Color, Select Package, etc.

After specifying the option label, also add option name (2), product price (3), compare at price (4), SKU/Code (5) and quantity (6) of that particular product variant.

If you want to add more than 1 variant, click on the + Add Option and then fill the same option name (2), product price (3), compare at price (4), SKU/Code (5) and quantity (6). (Only If manage inventory is turned on. Know more.)

To add more options, click on the add product option button and click on a cross (x) icon to delete any particular product option. Don’t forget to save your product.

Compare at price: Optional value to put your product options on sale. Compare at price is the un-discounted price of the product and should always more than the product price.

Let’s have a look at how the product options look at the store:

The options you just created show up as a dropdown on the product page on the website. Visitors can select the option they want to buy from the dropdown. The selected option price is applied to the product. Have a look.

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