How to start your subscription?

Pixpa offers a 15 day free trial for you to try out our website builder platform. You can explore Pixpa, ask any questions from us and start building your website during this trial period.

You can start your subscription whenever you are ready in the 15 days of free trial or even after your trial expires. Your website will go live and be available to everyone once you start the subscription. 

When you are ready to start your subscription, follow these steps:

Click on the Start Subscription button on the bottom bar in studio.

This will take you to the Subscription page.

On the subscription page, click on Start Subscription button.

On clicking on Start subscription, You can select the plan that best works for you.

Click on Select Plan, you would see a popup where you can select the subscription cycle i.e. Monthly and Annually. And then click on Start Subscription (2) button.

If you have discount code (1), you can enter the same here.

This will take you to the checkout page where you can submit your details (name, email and credit card details) to start your subscription.

That’s it. You are done. Your account will now be upgraded to a paid account.

We charge in USDs only, hence any conversion charges may / or may not be applied by your bank / credit card fees, depending on their policies. typically, it’s just a straight conversion with no conversion charges.

Please note that all Pixpa subscriptions are recurring subscriptions and will automatically renew on their renewal dates.