Track your site’s search performance with Google Webmaster

Google Webmaster or Google Search Console is one of the most powerful tools to track your site’s search performance. You can use the Search Console to monitor and optimize Google Search results data for your website (which is called a property in search console).

To know more about the features of Google Webmaster, you can check out the official page.

First, Setup your webmaster account

  • Go to webmaster page and login –
  • Make sure that you have connected your domain name with your Pixpa website. Click here to see how.
  • Now, Click on the “Add a property” button and type the URL of the site or portion of the site for which you want data.


Tip: Enter the URL of exactly the domain, subdomain, or path branch for which you want to get data. Here are some examples of URLs that you might add:

  • – Records data for the http version of the entire site.
  • – Records data only for the https version of your site.

We would recommend you to add the http and https versions of your site as separate properties. Click here to know more. 

Second, verify your domain ownership

To use Google Search Console or webmaster tools for your domain name, you need to verify your domain name as part of the setup process on Search Console.

On the next step and choose the verification by HTML tag under an alternate method. Google will give you a text-based meta tag. Copy that meta tag code.

Third, Add the tag in Pixpa studio

  • Go to the Settings (1) menu and then click on External Scripts (2).
  • After that in the External Scripts to be included in head section (3)paste the above-copied meta tag in this section as shown in the image below.
  • Click on the Save button. That’s it.

Now go back to Google webmaster and click on verify. Your website/property has been verified.

Get a great detailed overview of Google Webmaster or Search console on the Kissmetrics blog.