Understand eCommerce Galleries Shipping Lists

You can offer several shipping options in your Ecommerce store so your customers can choose from a range of delivery speeds and costs at the checkout page. We do not have any mechanism to calculate shipping automatically, so you’ll need to set-up these costs manually.

Understand eCommerce Galleries Store Shipping List

eCommerce Galleries store shipping lists will be applied on individual orders.

  1. Countries – Select the country to which the product will be shipped – your base country is the first place to start with. And select Everywhere else from the dropdown if you want to ship worldwide and want to assign a flat rate for all remaining countries that are not included yet.

You can add an extra shipping cost to the base country shipping in each product by adding Extra shipping in an individual product if you want to.

Click here to see how to create a shipping list in-store.

For example: you create a shipping list for US with $10 base rate and you sell a 5×7 print, 12×18 print without extra shipping and a canvas for $3 with extra shipping. Someone orders two 5×7 print, five 12×18 print and two canvas, so they’d be charged $10 + $3 (extra shipping of canvas) + $3 (extra shipping of canvas) for a total of $16 shipping.

After clicking on the + Add Shipping Rate List,  a new page section opens as shown in the image below.

  1. Shipping List Name: Name your shipping, i.e, Free Shipping or Standard Delivery, etc.
  2. Add Location: Specify the country name with shipping price or simply with Everywhere Else, standardize the specific shipping cost and click on the Add Location button.

Note: For free shipping select Everywhere else from the dropdown menu and charges $ 0.00 and just click on Add location.

Know more about country-specific shipping price settings, click here

  1. Everywhere Else: 

Tip: For eCommerce galleries shipping lists, would recommend you to set a minimum amount value in base country shipping rate and add extra shipping in individual products of your pricing sheet to maintain the shipping cost of small size products along with heavy products like big canvases, large prints.