How to sell images in client galleries

Start selling images in your client galleries by following this 5 step guide:

Step 1 – Setup print labs

You can use WHCC lab or set up a custom lab for automated print order processing. Or you can self fulfill as well.

During lab setup, choose auto-fulfilment to send orders to print labs directly. Or you can use the “Review Order” option in print lab settings to review the order, replace original files and then forward it to the print lab.

Step 2 – Connect your payment processor

Connect your Paypal and Stripe account to get paid directly. Offline payments option is also available. Pixpa does not charge any commission on your sales.

  • Click here to see how to connect PayPal
  • Click here to see how to connect Stripe
  • Click here to see how to connect PayUMoney (For Indian customers only)
  • Click here to see how to enable offline payment option

Step 3 – Setup shipping and tax rates

Create country-based shipping rate lists. Also, specify tax rates and overrides.

Step 4 – Create Pricing Sheets and apply to an album

A Pricing Sheet is a set of print products or digital download options. You can specify the fulfilment option and tax rate used with each pricing sheet.

  • Click here to see how to create a self fulfilment pricing sheet
  • Click here to see how to create a WHCC pricing sheet
  • Click here to see how to create a custom lab pricing sheet

Now, Assign pricing sheets to any gallery in your client albums. Different galleries within a client album can be assigned separate pricing sheets offering you flexibility in how you want to sell your images. Your clients will now be able to purchase images as prints or downloads based on the product options included in pricing sheets.

Step 5 – Manage Orders

All incoming orders and abandoned carts are available in the Orders section. Efficiently process orders, collect revenue and delight your customers.