What are Mobile Gallery Apps?

Pixpa’s Mobile Gallery Apps platform enables you to create personalised mobile gallery apps for your clients. Share your work, build your brand, deliver added value and impress your clients. Unlimited Mobile Gallery Apps can be created in all Pixpa Plans. 

You can create a mobile gallery app as a sneak peek of a photo shoot or share highlights from a project you have done. Each app contains social media sharing tools and your branding and contact information.

Impress your clients by gifting them a mobile gallery app at the end of a project, or you can even charge a fee for them as a value-added service. The mobile apps are a powerful tool for your clients to share their images with family and friends. They are also an excellent marketing tool for you as your brand gets exposure and your contact information is shared whenever the mobile app gets shared. Know more.

Have a look at an example mobile app gallery:  https://grace.pixpa.com/mobileapp

  1. You have done an assignment for a client and wanted to share the highlight of your work as a branded app.
  2. You want to showcase a selection of your work to any potential client without including it in your public portfolio website.
  3. You want a publicly accessible mobile gallery of your work that is independent of your website – may be for an event, a campaign or a specific project.

There are plenty of more ways in which you can use Pixpa’s Gallery Apps tool. It’s a robust, secure and interactive way of showcasing and sharing your work to specific audiences apart from your public website.

You can create unlimited mobile gallery apps in all plans. Click here to see all the plans.

Have a look at an example mobile app gallery:  https://grace.pixpa.com/mobileapp

Please open this link on your mobile or tablet browser. The mobile gallery app can only be installed and viewed on a mobile device. Click here to see how.