Migrate from old client access to Client Galleries platform

We have launched our new Client Galleries tool that makes it easy to share, proof, sell and deliver your work to clients. See more details on Client Galleries.

We are now able to migrate our clients using the old client access private galleries to the new client galleries platform. Here are all the things that you can do with the Client Albums.

How to migrate:

  1. To migrate, send a request to support@pixpa.com.
  2. We will create a new album (called client access) in your client galleries section and move all your private galleries to this album.
  3. After that, you can create new albums for each of your clients and move their galleries from the newly created client access album to their individual album respectively.
  4. Each album has a unique link that you can then share with your clients along with the password (if its password protected)
  5. Your clients will then be able to access their album and be able to mark images as favorites or download images based on the rights you have given to them.

Things to Note:

Please note that on migration, all private galleries will be moved to the new Proofing area and will no longer be available in the old client access area.

And the migration process is not reversible. We will be slowly deprecating the old client access area as all future developments will happen on the new Client proofing platform.

In our new Proofing tool, you can apply any storage add-on if you need higher cloud storage space. Please check the pricing plans here.