Main difference between Photographer, Creator, and Client Gallery Plans?

Both the Photographer and Creator website plans enable you to build a professional, stunning website.

The Photographer Plans include the ability to add eCommerce Galleries to your website for selling images as prints and downloads.

The Creator Plans include the ability to add an Online Store to your website to sell physical/digital products and services.

The Client Galleries Plan is a dedicated platform to manage your client workflows (Website not included in this plan). You can share, proof, sell, and deliver images to clients using Client Galleries.

Can I add both the Online Store and eCommerce Galleries to my website?

You cannot add Online Store and eCommerce Galleries together on your website. Both of them have different cart and checkout flows and cannot co-exist. Depending on your subscription plan, you can add either the Online Store or the Ecommerce Galleries to your website.

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