A fresh look and new tools for Galleries

Pixpa Galleries just got a big update with a brand new interface and new tools that give you more power to manage images and media.

Full Width, Clean Interface

The new gallery interface uses the full browser width to give much more space to your images and media. The clean, uncluttered design fits in more image thumbnails in a single window and makes it easier to manage large galleries. Tasks like selecting and sequencing multiple images are a breeze now.

Multi-image selection made easier

You can now select multiple images and take actions on your selection in a better way. Selecting multiple images is possible in three ways now:

  • Click on multiple images one by one.
  • Click on a single image and then Shift+Click on another image to select all images between those two images.
  • Left-click and Drag mouse cursor to multi-select images.

The new Clear Selection button enables you to now deselect all selected images easily. This helps avoid de-selection by mistake.

Move/Copy Images Anywhere

It is now possible to move or copy images to any type of gallery on your website. You can move or copy images from your website galleries to client galleries, eCommerce galleries, mobile app galleries and vice-versa. See help article.

Set Image as Banner

Just select one or multiple images and click on the Set as Banner button. This would automatically a full-width banner on the top of your gallery and make the selected images as slides in that banner. See help article.

Show File Names

Click on the Show File Names button to toggle on the display of file names on all images. This is especially helpful when you are searching or sequencing images based on filenames.

Faster Uploads

We have upgraded our cloud infrastructure to enable blazing-fast upload of images from wherever you are.

Image Accent Colors

Assign an Image Accent Color that can be used as the base color or the hover color in gallery grids. The dominant color of the image is automatically picked as the Image Accent Color when you upload images. You can edit this easily in the Image Properties pane. See help article.

Create a beautiful mobile gallery app to share images with your clients easily from any website gallery. Just select images and create a new Mobile Gallery App using them. Learn more about Mobile Gallery Apps.

There is much more to explore in the new, super-charged Galleries. Login to your Pixpa account to try out the all-new Galleries.