Enable filtering by tags in folder

Pixpa has an extremely flexible and versatile method of enabling you to filter the folder sub-items. This is done by using keywords which we call Tags. You can add multiple tags to any sub-item.

Do check out a folder with filter tags in action here – https://ground.pixpa.com

To enable filter by tags, Please follow the following steps

Step 1. Add tags in folder sub-items

  • Go to the Website section
  • Find the folder where you want to enable tags from the navigation left column and Click on it.
  • On clicking, you would see all the sub-items of particular folder. If there is no sub-items, Click here to see how to add items under particular folder.
  • Now move your cursor to any sub-item, you would see the three dots icon next to its name. Click on it.
  • On clicking, You would see the settings option under the dropdown.

  • In the settings page, you would see the option to add a tags on right side for that particular sub-item. Add your tags separated by commas here.

For example, “Photography” and “Art” tags are added in “The Staircase” gallery which is a sub-item of folder named “Projects”.


In this way, you can go to settings section of each sub-item and add the respective tags. You can add multiple tags to any sub-item.

Step 2. Enable the filter by tags in particular folder

Once you are done with the tags in all the folder sub-items. Go to settings section of particular folder and enable the filter by tags toggle from right side. That’s it.

You would see the tags on your website now.