Enable cookie consent banner

Pixpa allows you to add a cookie consent bar that enables users to give you consent for setting a cookie when they visit your website.

You can style the cookie consent banner according to your website design like bar or popup. You can also specify any terms of use or policy page link in it. The Consent banner appears on all pages of your website until the site visitor decides to close it by using the X or CTA button.

Let’s dive into this in detail:

  1. Status – Choose the Active button to live your cookies.
  2. Cookie Consent Banner Text – Specify your cookie consent banner text here. Click here to know more about the Pixpa text editor.
  3. Banner Type – Choose the consent banner type as Bar or Popup.
  4. Call-to-Action Style – Choose the action type as Icon ( X ) or Text or Button.
  5. Call-to-action Text – Specify the text which will be used in action like Accept, Got it, etc. 
  6. Style option – Manage your consent bar background color, text font style and its color from here.
  7. Reset visibility – 

In the case of Pop up, you would see the option to select the position of your consent banner as well, customize it with the bottom left, bottom right, top left, top right.

See in action

Do check out the following demo link where you can see the consent banner in action.

1. Consent Banner: Bar +  CTA Button

2. Consent Banner: Bar + Icon

3. Consent Banner: Bar + Text

4. Consent Banner: Popup + Bottom Right