Add multiple websites to your account

You can add and manage multiple websites through one Pixpa Studio. This means that you will be able to switch to manage different websites through only one Pixpa Studio account.

Each website has its own settings, design, content and is essentially a completely separate Pixpa account. Each website would need an active subscription plan attached to it as well.

You can use your second website to present different streams of work separately, offer content in another language and double your exposure.

Pixpa offers a flat 50% discount on your second website.

Discount will be applied to the site on the lower subscription plan. To get the discount, email us on or ping us on our support chat.

To add a new website to your account, follow these steps:

Go to Add New Website section by clicking on the avatar icon.

This will open the screen where you can select the theme that you want to start with for the new website. Choose the theme and select its preset design style (Dark Or Light) that you want.

Select the theme you liked and after viewing it in the next screen, click on the Start With This Theme to use it on your next website.

In the next screen, enter the username that you want for your new website. And click on Add New Site. Your new website is created and added to your Pixpa Studio account.

How to switch to any website in your account, follow these steps:

You can access all the websites from the avatar popup and your website page.

Please note:

  1. Adding a new website creates a new trial account. You can start the subscription of your new trial account within 15 days.
  2. The first account which is used to create additional websites is treated as the primary account and has access to all the websites created under it.
  3. Password will be the same for both websites. Anyone who logs in with a delegated password will be able to access your both website.