Manage fonts of your website

Pixpa supports 500+ selected fonts from the Google Fonts repository. The wide variety of fonts along with the ability to choose font weights (where available) gives you total control over your website typography. So pick your favorite font from our extensive selection, choose the font weight, size and color and design your website the way you want.

You can manage your website fonts from the Design section. You can also choose the weight size and color of that particular font. Click here to know more.

Note: Currently, you can not use or add any other fonts apart from Google fonts hence you need to find an alternate Google font that suits your requirement in case if you are looking for any specific font that is not on Google font. Do check out few alternative google fonts for some popular fonts:

  • Brandon Grotesque – Josefin Sans
  • Sofia Pro – Poppins
  • Avenir – Lato or Prompt
  • Proxima Nova – Montserrat or Roboto
  • Proxima Soft – Nunito
  • DIN – Barlow
  • Charter – Source Serif Pro
  • Helvetica Neue – Roboto or Work Sans
  • Whitney – Catamaran or Hind
  • Gotham – Montserrat
  • Tisa Serif – PT Serif
  • Museo Slab – Zilla Slab or Roboto Slab
  • Optima – Arsenal
  • Skolar – Source Serif
  • Letter Gothic – Fira Mono
  • Segoe UI – Open sans
  • Futura – Muli
  • Gibson – Noto sans
  • Zona Pro – Poppins
  • Minion – Crimson Text
  • Mostra Nuova – Josefin Sans
  • Geogrotesque – Armata
  • Baskerville – Libre Baskerville
  • Sentinel – Domine
  • Neuzeit – Hind
  • Miller – Abril Fatface