Add Facebook Messenger to your website

The Facebook Messenger customer chat plugin allows you to integrate Messenger directly into your business website. Customers can interact with your business at any time with the same personalised experience they get in Messenger. Know more.

To add FB messenger plugin, follow these steps:

  • Go to your FB Page > Settings section > Messenger Platform
  • In the ‘Customer Chat Plugin’ section, click the ‘Set Up‘ Button.

In the next step, you would see a popup window from where you can customise your messenger plugin. On the last step, add your domain name and copy the embed code snippet.

Embed the copied code in Pixpa Studio

  • Go to Pixpa studio settings page.
  • Paste the above copied code in external script <body> section.
  • Click on save button. That’s it.


That’s it. FB chat plugin is added now. Go to the website and review the same.