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How to add an Instagram Gallery

An Instagram Gallery enables you to pull images directly from your Instagram account feed into a gallery on your Pixpa website.

Go to website section first. You can add your gallery to your website by clicking on the ✚ icon next to website navigation text.

This will open up a screen which lets you choose the different types of content items that you can add to your website. Click on the Instagram button.

This would take you to Instagram for your account authentication. Put in your username and password to authenticate your Instagram account.

After you login to Instagram, your account will get verified and you will be redirected back to the Pixpa Studio.

Your Instagram Gallery would be created and you would be able to edit the properties of the same.

Note : If the Instagram username you’ve entered is a private account then in that case no images will be pulled from that account and your gallery will appear empty.

  1. Navigation Title (Used for the link name in the site’s navigation)
  2. Web Link (Used in the URL of this content item)
  3. Show on Website (Make inactive to hide from website)
  4. Gallery Title (Used in some themes)
  5. Cover Image (A full width banner image for this content item)
  6. Featured Image (Used to represent this content item in groups)
  7. SEO Data for this content item (Will over-ride site’s SEO data for this content item)

Save the changes by clicking at the ‘Save’ button at the top right corner of the screen.

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