Set the tax rates for eCommerce galleries store

Pixpa allows you to create tax rates for all the countries and state/regions (US and Canada only). You can apply the tax inclusive and exclusive both. You can also specify the tax whether it applies to digital products/shipping or not.

The Tax would be applicable to all physical products by default.

To set the tax rate for your eCommerce galleries store, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Ecommerce (1) section
  • In the Ecommerce galleries section, click on the Tax Rates (2) on the left-hand side. On this page, you would see all the tax rates.

  • You can specify the Tax name (1) and then select the Include in Product Prices or Add to Product Prices in the How to calculate taxes section (2).
  • You can also edit (3) any existing tax rates on this page.
  • Or you can also create a new Tax Rate for any specific country (4).

By default we have added a tax rate for Everywhere which you can edit if you do not want to have country-based and state-based tax rates. If you want to have country-based tax rates you can set your tax rates easily.

On the tax rate page, Click on the + Add Tax Rate button to create a new tax rate. You would see a popup where you can select your country (1) and tax rate (2).

You would also see the option (3) to apply tax On Shipping or On Digital Downloads. Then after click on the save button (4) to save the new tax rate list.

In the next step, you would see the new tax rate. Now click on Add a State/Region tax rates to override the global tax rate, if you want to (currently we have this feature for U.S. and Canada only).

On clicking on the Add a State/Region Tax Rate, You would see a popup where you can select state (1) and tax rate (2).

You can apply this override tax either in addition to the global (federal tax) tax or separately (3). That would mean if the global tax is 12% and state tax (i.e., 3%) is added to federal tax then the final tax rate would be 15% for that particular state. Or if the state tax is not added to federal tax, then the final tax rate would be 3% for that particular state.

You would also see the option (4) to apply tax On Shipping or On Digital Downloads. Hit the Save button (5) to save the new state rate.

After adding all state tax override, the final tax rate would look like this.

You can Edit (1) or Delete (2) any rate from the settings icon next to it.